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Love  Status in hindi - Hello Friends, welcome to my Website Status Download. 

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Sad love video status in hindi: Here is the biggest collection of latest WhatsApp status videos for whatsapp status with attitude in hindi, Download Latest Status video. 100 love nawabi a status for whatsapp in hindi introduced the status feature in 2020, in which we can share images, videos, and gifs as our story for 24 hours. Before this function, love WhatsApp had best a textual content reputation choice wherein we will write our bio, however the new reputation function is different. The tale or reputation disappears after 24 hours and can’t be archived as nonetheless in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is being utilised by 1 billion users across the world. Everyone stocks their life’s moments as a story or status with their posts to share their each second with them.

Today I am back with another WhatsApp Status Video Download post. Here I am recommending you a post which provides WhatsApp Status Video in hindi . Here we added a lot of whatsapp status killer attitude shayari in hindi and lovesongs. For 2 line best attitude status in hindi for whatsapp on love & life bookmark this WhatsApp Status Video Website to get latest best love quotes for whatsapp status in hindi, sad whatsapp status in hindi attitude mahakal.

तेरे सिवा कोई जज़्बात में नहीं,

आँखो में वो नमी है जो बरसात में नहीं,

पाने की कोशिश तुझे बहुत की मगर,

तू एक लकीर है जो मेरे हाथ में नहीं।

# कागज का ये लिबास बदन से उतार दो,

पानी बरस गया तो किसे मुंह दिखाओगे.

# हम जिनके अफ़साने पढ़कर रो देते हैं, 

हाय उन किरदारों पर क्या गुज़री होगी

# खूबसूरत वो नही उसका हर अंदाज हैं,

मासूम सी उसकी मुस्कान ही मेरे बेचैन दिल का राज हैं।❤️ वृन्दा ❤️

# Tu badal gya he Tasleem kar ab Me bhi badal jauga yekeen rakh

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